Purpose of A Promotional Video

You may be a great speaker, an excellent writer, or a brilliant communicator, but in today’s culture, when images and media bombard society: How does your voice carry? When language alone is limited in expressing your imagination, how do you get your listeners to bite or capture your vision wholeheartedly? Let’s examine something: Why does radio (something that you hear) say to you, “Visit our website to download photos and watch video interviews of your favorite artists.” In one sentence the radio station has given additional channels of media to spread their message. How are you letting media play a part of promoting your brand? What ways are you effectively spreading the word to a mass audience? A video, unlike you, can be in many places at the same time. Technology provides a way to tell your story and say your message vividly. For instance, let’s look at the features of having a promotional video: - Catch people’s attention ☺ - Instant access to a large audience without the additional budget or the hassle of traveling But how does that benefit your “bottom line”. Here are the results: In reality, you can only be at one place at a time; Make one presentation to one person or a group of people at a time. By having a commercial you have the high quality standard and capacity to reach a large audience like a big company that you watch on TV. -(You) create value for your product or service by telling your whole story creatively Here are two examples of clients that have effectively used promotional videos to support their organization, respectively:

NYACK College:

By playing this video they reached 18,000 potential students in one large event and also continually show this video throughout college fairs, during campus tours and on the Internet (social networking sites). Result: Annual admission enrollment increase (up to 25% in Fall 2009) over the past two years.

A non-profit organization that started with one basketball tournament in Brooklyn, NY created a video and has grown within the last three years throughout the country and in every borough within NYC. The latest promotional video premiered at Yankee Stadium for a fundraiser event. Result: World Champion Yankees Manager Joe Girardi saw the video and understood more about the organization and featured Street2Street in a weekly TV show “Yankees Magazine” on the Yes Network.

Videos help further your dreams, develop your growth and provide vision to the target audience to create results for your business, art or non-profit.
I hope you take advantage and use it today.

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