Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BurgosMedia different?
BurgosMedia is unique in that not only can we produce (from script to screen, dubs to distribution) and place highly effective promotional media such as TV spots, infomercials, documercials, satellite media tours, movie trailers, corporate videos, DVDs, internet streaming videos, etc. -- we can also generate a ton of free publicity / non-paid (earned) media for our clients by creating or repurposing your ads into AP style broadcast/print-ready "News Features." BurgosMedia social media packages, you are guaranteed massive media exposure for a fraction of the costs of traditional advertising (and with far more credibility).

What shows do you produce?
Award-winning websites, TV talk shows, commercials, video interviews, documentaries, TV spots, concerts, conferences, electronic press kits (EPKs), international webcasts, promo videos, movie trailers, DVDs. BurgosMedia offers the entire spectrum of media for Hollywood, businesses, non-profits, ad agencies, PR firms, associations, professionals, and government agencies worldwide --- and is a recognized expert in the use of many emerging technologies such as High Definition, green screen, live web streaming, photography, eCommerce stores, digital animation, interactive programming, and interactive DVDs.

Where can I see examples of your work?

Who uses BurgosMedia's services?
Startups / emerging companies, small-caps, mid-caps, Fortune 500s, entertainment companies, advertising agencies, public relations and investor relations firms (we're their best kept secret), national associations, professional organizations, non-profits, and government agencies worldwide.
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What are your rates like?
BurgosMedia offers creative and cost effective solutions to your business and/or projects. We like to give the most for your production by thinking out of the box but within the budget.
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How does BurgosMedia cost less than doing it in-house?
We spread the cost of production, printing, duplicating, mailing and postage over several jobs. To do this on your own, the cost to create and send out to each of the broadcasters and editors in their preferred formats would cost you several times more. For instance, to do a Print Release, just the costs for your letterhead, printing, envelopes and postage alone would be at least $2.00 each or $20,500 (with no placement guarantees) to reach all of the newspapers we reach in the country (double this amount if photos are included or the envelopes weigh more). Digitally and via the internet we can do more with less.

How do we get started?           
Simply let us know which of our services you are interested in and we’ll email a detailed agreement and estimated invoice.
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